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Natalia Moiseeva – Saratov landscape


Still Life with 4 fishes

Natalia Moiseeva ‘February’

Spring conjures

Personal exhibition. June, 10


En plein air – Kirov

Sketch “Petrovich”


Card game

Spring has come

Uncle Misha and Spring

Happiness after the war

Portrait of a Boy



Everyone has their own horse

One of my favorite paintings (was painted more than 10 years ago):  

Girl and her doll

Day in May

Flowers – spring mood

New art works with yellow flowers. Spring is coming!

My dog Timofey

My very thoughtful dog Timofey

Batik – art of painting on silk

Several of my art works (batik, painting on silk) – video:


Photo from my personal exhibition in Radishchev Art Museum (Saratov, Russia)

I am so happy to write it! My personal exhibition was opened in Radishchev Art Museum (located in Saratov, Russia). The photos from the opening are below. Thanks…