Наталья Моисеева

The mission of any artist is to talk about life through feels and emotions. Because, strictly speaking, a person only knows exactly what’s going on with him and can only imagine the rest things. Therefore, the task becomes absolutely simple – to be honest with yourself.


My objective is to talk about my life in not boring way and even to interesting to others. Some may find this philosophy, but it is not my goal (by the way it often happens).

In general, the meaning of my existence – to help anyone fall in love with life and his place in this life. To achieve this goal I choose the most expressive and bright methods. And in progress I afraid only to be honest and sincere not enough.

So it turns that the area of my work – the philosophical search in my soul with hope to be useful to others. Least of all, when I paint, I care about decorating someone’s homes. But I also good in it.

My creative work aims to dialogue with the audience. Therefore, I really hope for maximum cooperation with galleries, art critics, journalists, and just smart people, because they can help the audience learn about my paintings and understand the meaning of my art works.

The Secret of Success

The secret of success – like completely different people with respect to their problems and understand the need for creativity to make their inner life better.

Plans for the future

In any case not to become ‘officially recognized artist’, leaving myself a chance to talk honestly with others.

Brief Biography

21.05.1962 – born in Volsk city, Saratov region, Russia
1983 – graduated from Ivanovo City Art College (Painting Faculty)
1989 – graduated from the Moscow Institute of Technology (Textile Faculty) with honors
С 1995 – member of the Union of Artists of Russia

The paintings are in the collections of:

  • Radishchev Art Museum in Saratov, Russia (state museum),
  • Art Museum in Volsk, Saratov region, Russia (state museum),
  • Art Museum in Balakovo, Saratov region,Russia (state museum),
  • private collections.

Personal and Selected group exhibitions:

Year Exhibitions
2003 Regional Art Exhibition “Big Volga-2003” (Nizhny Novgorod)
2005 Regional art exhibition dedicated to the 60th year anniversary of Victory (Saratov)
2006 3rd All-Russian art exhibition of landscape painting (Vologda)
2007 International Art Exhibition “Yalgat” (Saransk)
  • Anniversary Regional Art Exhibition “Big Volga” (Cheboksary, Samara),
  • Regional Art Exhibition “Big Volga in Moscow”
  • Personal exhibition, the magazine “Zemskoe Obozrenie” office, Saratov,
  • Russian art exhibition “Big Volga in Minsk”,
  • Russian art exhibition “Big Volga in Moscow”
  • All-Russian art exhibition “Russia-11”,
  • group exhibition of artists’ Nine revelations of the ninth year ” in Radishchev Art Museum (Saratov),
  • exhibition “Dynasty Artists” (together with her father V.S. Kondyrev) in the Saratov region Government office,
  • personal exhibition in Econombank office, Saratov
  • participated in a group exhibition of artists in the Government of the Saratov region,
  • personal exhibition in the Volga Institute of Civil Service, Saratov
  • personal exhibition in Radishchev Art Museum (Saratov)
  • participated in the group exhibition of artists in the Government of the Saratov region
  • personal exhibition “Symphony of Life” in the art gallery “Aesthetics”, Saratov
  • participated in a group exhibition of artists in the Government of the Saratov region
  • participated in a group exhibition of artists “Memories of Summer” Gallery “Aesthetics”, Saratov
  • personal exhibition “Road to Home” in the art gallery “Aesthetics”, Saratov
  • participation in regional art exhibition devoted to the spring and 8 March
  • participation in the exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Saratov branch of the Union of Artists of Russia “Native Land simple beauty”
  • participation in the anniversary exhibition “20 years of service to art” in the art gallery “Aesthetics”, Saratov
  • participated in the third inter-regional academic exhibition-competition “Red Gate / Against the Current” (Saratov (18-27 September) – Moscow (2-10 October) – Ufa (17-26 October) – Kazan (4 – 14 November) – Cheboksary (November 21 – November 30) – Moscow (December 10 – January 10, 2015))
  • participation in international academic exhibition project “Arise, great country …”, Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Moscow (Russia) and the European Centre for Fine Arts (Slovakia, Bratislava)
  • participation in regional exhibition “The Artist. Time and Space” at the State K.A. Fedin Museum, Saratov
  • participation in the exhibition “20 years of art gallery Phoenix”, Saratov